Sanshin Kako is a leading manufacturer of dishes for school and hospitals meals

Sanshin Kako leads the industry with a wide variety of safe, innovative products of the highest quality.
It is proven by the fact that the dishes of Sanshin Kako are most frequently used for school and hospital meals in Japan We offer a large number of items that are different number of shape, material and size to cater to the unique needs of school, hospitals , care centers or company cafeterias.
The number of items amount to as many as 2000.

General Use

Lunch Box■QB-140 T
Rice Bowl■MB-900 FC
Soup Bowl■MB-76 TUK
Teacup■PC-83 NGR
Chopsticks■TH-220S BK
Chopstick Rest■YB-260 TI
Rice Bowl■YF-160 HG
Soup Bowl■MB-6 TUK
Oval Plate■YS-64 SYG
Chopsticks■TH-220X VUS
Tray■Q-3 U

Rice Bowl■MB-805 F
Soup Bowl■QB-1 AKE
Oval Plate■UMS-430 SHIO
Mug Cup■UPC-180N P
Chopsticks■AH-220S O
Tray■Q-5 T
Teacup■KC-834 RIO
Soup Bowl■MB-6 TUK
Square Plate■KS-865 RIO
Chopsticks■AH-220S O
Tray■Q-5N MOG

Teacup■T-506 MOE
Bowl■MB-593 WS
Chopsticks■TH-220X VUS
Tray■Q-4 SIM
Lunch Box■QF-151 T、QB-150 T、QS-149 T
Soup cup■MC-82 VUW
Chopsticks■TH-220X VUK

Rice Bowl■UMB-404 ANJ
Oval Plate■UMS-430 SHIO
Mug Cup■UPC-180N P
Spoon■UPN-156 O
Tray■Q-3 MTA
Teacup■YC-273 SUN
Bowl■YB-11 BTI
Square Plate■YS-233 KAR
Chopsticks■AH-220S O
Tray■Q-10 TMG

Plate(salad)■YS-372 PLA
Soup Bowl■YB-3011 VL
Bowl■YS-377 PLA
Teacup■YC-358 PLA
Plate(bread)■MS-526 HNE
Soupcup■MC-80 SW
Food Cover■C-140 W
Chopsticks■AH-220S AA

Rice Bowl■YB-16 HG
Soup Bowl■MB-6 TUS
Dish■YS-15 HG
Food Cover■C-190 W
Chopsticks■TH-220S R
Free Plate■MS-844 W
Drop Bowl■MB-692 W
Soupcup■MC-82 VUW
Leaf Bowl■MB-850 W
Chopsticks■TH-220S BK
Tray■SE-26 MTG

Plate(bread)■YS-372 CAN
Plate(assortment)■YS-373 CAN
Fork■47FO BR
Tray■SE-23 O
Plate(partition)■MS-856 W
Soupcup■MC-80 SW
Chopsticks■AH-220S GR
Tray■SE-23 FW

Oval Dish■MS-846 RUW
Square Plate■MS-838 KMT
Bowl■MB-816 W
Plate(rice)■MS-526 HNE
Main Dish■MS-528HNE
Soup cup■MC-80 SW
Tray■SN-1216 LB

Plate(bread)■MS-522 DL
Plate(partition)■MS-856 W
Fork■47FO T
Spoon■48SP T
Tray■SE-26 SFY